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Who we are.

Edu Tek is an IT solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. We serve schools, universities, health care facilities as well as corporate and advanced residential environments. We’re awesome and we don’t mind saying it. Why? Because we aim high and do our best to meet the ultimate needs of our clients. We are loyal both to our clients, and to our principles. We know that standing by our clients is ultimately what made Edu Tek what it is today: a team of highly devoted and diverse people who are willing to make it work no matter the circumstance. We’re open to suggestions. As awesome as we are, we know we can always be better. We’re growing and with that comes more skill, more talent and more options for our clients.

Who we're not.

We’re not uniform. Every client is different. As much as it would be easy to have every system look the same, we recognize that satisfying the needs of the client involves recommending best of breed options, and then customizing them to suit those needs. We’re not always thinking outside of the box. Frankly, sometimes you have to live in the box, and we help clients succeed even when the circumstances make it feel like there is barely room to breathe. We’re not rigid. As clients express the desire to try something new, we don’t put up road blocks. We put forth extra effort to test, train, implement and evaluate the new system so our clients have what they want, and feel confident that they will be supported going forward.

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We employ a 4 step approach to every client engagement: Query, Model, Execute, Loop. We refer to it as QMEL (cue-mel). That’s just nerd terminology for: 1. Investigating what the real need is. 2. Designing a solution to fit the need. 3. Implementing the solution. 4. Looping back to ensure the solution implemented works and is maintained.

  • query

    Dad always said "Measure twice, cut once." We closely examine every detail of the need. We probe to find the underlying issues that need to be addressed.

  • model

    After sharpening our pencils, we lay out a solution. Modeling involves critical evaluation of every detail before anything is implemented

  • execute

    What's a great plan if it never comes to fruition? "Getting stuff done" is the mantra here at Edu Tek.

  • loop

    A fresh coat of paint helps a space feel new again. Regular maintenance of technology has the same effect. That’s why we always recommend looping back to regularly maintain the systems we deploy.


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step 1:

Now that you know who we are, it’s only polite to let us know a little something about you.
What’s your name? Where are you from? What brought you here?
Starting to sound like therapy?
Don't worry this is a safe place.

step 2:

Give us a call or pay us a visit.
Have a seat on our couch.
Opening up to us is the only way we can help you with your technology needs.