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But how do you get your data from...

You call us


edu tek migration services

to here...


cloud migrations.

The most successfull people surround themselves with the smartest people.

Moving to the cloud does the same for your data and applications.

Can you do a better job of protecting your data than Google, Amazon, or Microsoft?

We don't think so.

Some data and applications have to stay in-house. For everything else, it’s well worth a good look at the many affordable options for moving to the cloud.
Instead of trying to do it all yourself, put your data on the best infrastructure available. Surround it with the “smartest people”
We ensure your data is safe.

Making sure your deployment in the cloud complies with your internal controls and policies.

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About Edu Tek Ltd.

Edu Tek provides comprehensive technology solutions to schools, universities, healthcare facilities, as well as high-end residential properties.