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comprehensive i.t. support

Would you swim in a poorly maintained pool?

Does your data?

Will technology work without maintenance and regular support?


We fulfill the needs of organizations that require more than “Maybe.”
Our approach includes a flat price model that is only profitable if your technology is working efficiently. Properly maintaining your systems means fewer escalated issues and a more profitable experience for both parties involved.

Well maintained technology is productive technology.

This requires the right expertise and the right experience. We build a balanced onsite team that can manage 90% of the day to day issues. They are backed by specialists and operations managers that handle the remaining 10%, which require the greatest attention.
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    white plains, ny 10606

  • +1-914-686-7777

About Edu Tek Ltd.

Edu Tek provides comprehensive technology solutions to schools, universities, healthcare facilities, as well as high-end residential properties.